Generator Theater Company was founded in 2007 under the name Thunder Mountain Theatre Project by a group of theater artists in Juneau, Alaska.  Our first production, True West by Sam Shepard, was directed by Producing Artistic Director Flordelino Lagundino and featured ensemble members Enrique Bravo and Ryan Conarro as Lee and Austin.  In 2009, we changed the company’s name to Generator Theater Company to better reflect what we do: produce work generated by artists' impulses to create a dialogue with their community.  The company has gone on to produce plays such as The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a repertory of Shakespeare’s R&J adapted from Shakespeare’s text by Joe Calarco and Dying City by Christopher Shinn, and the world premiere productions of The Reincarnation of Stories by Native Alaskan playwright Ishmael Hope and the community-based play A Lifetime to Master by Merry Ellefson.

Generator is dedicated to the following ideals:

  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Generate works that create a dialogue between audience and artists
  • Mirror our nation’s diversity and celebrate our differences and commonalities; to reflect daily on how we might better work toward inclusion in our society