World Premiere
Devised Performace Installation

keep coming back because...

Written, designed, and performed by Sarah Conarro and Ryan Conarro


March 20-23, 2013

keep coming back because… is a meditation on the Moments When Something Happens: shared memory; first-hand experiences; and spaces between. Theatre maker Ryan and visual artist Sarah cross-pollinate art forms and join forces with a team of designer-collaborators to craft a visual-sonic world in which past, present, and future bend, merge, and converge.



Written, Designed, and Performed by Sarah Conarro and Ryan Conarro
Projections by Katie Basile
Costumes by Giselle Stone
Composition and Sound by Ellen Reid
Lights by J. Bradley
Choreography by Ricci Adan
Dramaturgy by Kevin Riordan
Stage Managed by Kristin Garot
Directorial assistance by Flordelino Lagundino and Kristin Garot